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Welcome to Big Bang BOOM! Cabaret! We will be updating this page regularly with information about our show, troupe, and other associated performers and happenings! 


Let's start our first post with the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. Forgive me if i don't nail this inaugural post, as I am still a little Fringe-fried. As some of you may have seen, for our third year performing in the fest, we did something a little more theatrical than usual with our show Masquerade of the Red Death: A Dark Burlesque Fantasy, as we performed through a narrative of the similarly titled Edgar Allen Poe short story and stripping the whole way. A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to support us and the Fringe. We got some amazing feedback from so many of you and a glowing review in the Orlando Sentinel! If you missed it, keep your eyes and ears open. We are working on scheduling an encore performance in the coming months sometime, so you still have a chance to get your fix!

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Orlando Weekly 2017 Best of Orlando

The Orlando Weekly's annual "Best of" poll is live! There are a ton of amazing things in Orlando, so go vote for all of you favorites to help promote them! While you are doing so, don't forget to write in Big Bang BOOM! Cabaret for Best Burlesque Troupe in the Arts + Culture category!



Turning to the future, June marks a grim one-year anniversary for Orlando. In the wake of this, we wanted our performers to have an outlet to showcase and address their ideals and passions on stage in a celebration of diversity, individuality, equality, and unity. It will be full of raw beauty, chaos, truth, and love. We hope you can join us and be a part of the catharsis of "One Love."

- Sean